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Life is so short and love is what makes life magical. Whenever I photograph a wedding I immerse myself  in the beauty and chaos of your wedding day so that years later the photographs tell a quiet & authentic story of your love. From the people who were there to the moments that moved you. It is my joy to share my love of photography with couples. I have found that the couples who fit me most are the ones who prefer real moments over posed images, who write their own vows, who are nervous and who love & feel deeply. 


I am not into traditions unless they are meaningful for my couples.  I don't ever want to tell my couples to “look here and smile”. In fact I tell my couples not to look at me unless they want to. I want to show you the little things you may not notice about the way you look at each other. I like messy, I like hair in your face, secret butt-grabs and real emotions. Before each of my engagement sessions I prompt my couples to write a letter to each other the night before and to read it during their session while I stand way back with a long lens and watch them both melt. I want to see what love feels like for you and I want you to never forget it. 

Bridals / Day after session

Sometimes the excitement of a wedding day and all the festivities leaves little room for creative experimentation. I do my best to allow for plenty of time the day of your wedding but I love bridal portraits and day-after-sessions because its a chance to get dressed up again, be together and just breathe. The photographs alone are worth putting your dress back on and the bonus is being able to go anywhere with no time or distance constraints. 


Elopement or Destination  

Intimate elopement ceremonies are my favorite! If you're thinking about running away to say your vows together in a small ceremony you are my people. Because of the small number of guests at elopements I feel more like a trusted friend and my couples feel like they can be free to express their love however they want.  It's a thing of beauty to witness and it's a true honor to document.  

Alicia takes the time to get to know you. She wants to know who you are as individuals and as a couple and not just so she can have an idea about your personalities but truly because it helps her find that niche in what is going to make your photos special to you.
— Lauren Anderson


I often get asked about boudoir sessions and while the name is a bit cheesy the concept of sharing your skin with the one you love is not. I have a secret boudoir service so inquire for details. 



I will do anything for love

even travel for free



There are places in the world that I want go and if you are having your wedding in one of these places, I will give you my FULL DAY  & include travel FOR FREE.  See the list below and if you’re planning your wedding or adventure elopement bring me along with no travel fees.

  • Africa 
  • India 
  • Iceland
  • Japan
  • Russia 
  • Haiti
  • Mexico 
  • Turkey 
  • The Netherlands 
  • New York
  • New Orleans  
  • Chicago 
  • Seattle 
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Get to know Alicia

Now that you know a little bit about how I photograph my couples, get to know why over at www.aliciadiamondphoto.com



rates & Contact



services start at $2,900 and all packages include high resolution images with rights available for download.



engagement sessions start at $400 but are included for no cost in some packages. All engagement sessions include high resolution images with rights available for download.  



WeekDay Wedding / ELOPEMENT 

because weekday weddings and elopments are fewer they have special pricing. All Elopement and weekday weddings start at $2,000


Bridals / Day After session 

sessions start at $600 but are included for no cost in some packages. All engagement sessions include high resolution images with rights available for download.  



On a budget but love my work? 

Times are hard out here for dreamers. If you connect with my work but find that I am out of your price range send me a message and tell me your love story & your budget anyway.
 I think that strong connections are rare and I'll go out of my way to keep my connections when I can. 

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