This is a self-portrait I took at 11 years old.
As you can see photography is my first love. 

I've been making moody portraits since before I was an adult. 
I watched my first print develop in Mr. Baltz’s darkroom in high school and I was convinced there was magic in film so I pursued that magic all the way to Columbia College where I graduated with a BFA in Photography. During college I found I was drawn to weddings for the unexpected, the authenticity and the collaborative, moving experience of the culture, traditions and uniqueness of each love story. I  have been photographing weddings for 10 years and spent a lot of that time as one half of F/stop Poetry before I moved to New York City to begin creative consulting for nonprofits and starting Rabbit Hearted Girls. 

I consider myself not only a journalist of your wedding day but a witness to your love story. Being present in the excitement and the chaos is what allows me to capture honest, intimate moments. I think I make my best work when my couples are able to show their most authentic self to me.  I advocate for you to have the day you envision and I compassionately create a wedding album that celebrates the love that brought you together. 

If you feel something when viewing my photos send me a message. It's not about booking weddings for me as much as it about honest connection. The most important part of my job is making a space where you can breathe deeply and feel love in the moment.  let me be a witness to that love and tell your story exactly as it unfolds. 

I will travel far and wide for good stories & good people.