Miss Diamond

I graduated from Columbia College with a degree in photojournalism in 2012. However I learned to measure light through my fathers film camera when I was a child in the 90's. I would make portraits of the kids on my block and my dad would get my film developed for me, patronizing my first photographs before I was even a teen.  In high school I watched my first print develop in Mr. Baltz’s darkroom and I was convinced there was magic in film photography. I  still learn to see light in new ways and continue to obsess over how I can create photographs that tell a story.   

I find that how I see the couples I photograph directly effects the photos I make for them. I become not only a journalist of the wedding day but a witness to their love story. Being present with them in the excitement and the chaos is what allows me to capture honest, quiet moments. I think I make my best work when couples are able to show their most authentic self to me.  The most important part of my job is making a space where you can breathe deeply and feel love. 

Currently I am focused on;
Conveying an authentic message through photography in an age of unprecedented visual literacy.
Seeing what is documented in history and how that becomes our legacy.
Connection, especially when conveyed through touch & vulnerability. 
I strive to make photographs that show life in unpredictable whimsy.