2017: Personal Work


In 2017 I have many thanks to give, including:

AirBnB for letting me live my  nomad dreams in Seattle, New York, Chicago, Banff Canada, Denver & Salida this year. 
RiseBoro for letting me tell the story of your forty year legacy in Brooklyn
100Cameras for choosing people over profit and allowing us to extend our snapshot project until this year. Whats personal is political and after 2017 we are even more emboldened to show the beauty of Haiti.
VSCO for selecting my image to honor of a culturally modified tree that made me wish trees could speak.
Joliet Central High School for giving me the opportunity to talk about photography with Room620
The Baltz Family for sharing Joe with the rest of us.  
Curtis Cassell & all the models that worked on unveiling Queera Wang
Everyone who stood in front of my camera this year (we photograph what we fear losing).
Seattle for always taking me back, even when I've been gone for years.
YOU! for your presence and for following along. 

No Thanks to:
Random men on the internet who get irate when I don't respond to them
Aiding Students for being an unscrupulous wart on the already predatory shyster that is the United States student loan system. 


Lastly, thank you for your presence! For following along on the journey & allowing me to share what I love with you, my life is immeasurably more fun because of you.  

Alicia Diamond