2017: Weddings in review


| cotton candy colored Sunsets | lace wedding dresses | antique handkerchiefs | hand written wedding vows | pasta | pizza | potatoes | first looks that made me cry | Love songs from an age ago | toes in the lake | taxi cabs | subway rides | New York City Skyline | beers in pubs | shared bottles of wine

| forehead kiss witness | brides who became friends | rainbows in every state I found myself in | pin up dress with shoes that were losing their soles | Diamonds in rings | New Jersey's rolling hills | Gold streamers | dancing like no one was watching | vintage campers | old records with music in the key of 'C' on them | fathers who cried | Mothers who showed up with strength | families who came together | humans who felt love. 


Thank you so much to my couples for sharing your wedding day with me, you are the wind beneath my wings. 

Alicia Diamond