Frankie & Tovah: Colorado Wedding


Frankie & Tovah were married  along the Arkansas river and they said their vows under the same chuppah that Tovahs parents were married under 40 years before on the same exact date. It also just so happened to be an eclipse this day, and the start of the perseid meteor shower. Their wedding day was quite literally and figuratively written in the stars. 

I fell in love with Tovah from her first email, She sent me photos of their engagement. Frankie proposed to Tovah while floating down the river in the Grand Canyon.


Tovah was wearing a dress in the photos and looked sun kissed and full of joy. Being a witness to their day was a true honor, I spent the whole day smiling from behind my camera feeling the love they had for each other as they were wrapped in the appreciation of their community. Their ceremony was held at at Independent White Water. They wrote their own vows, had their community put their prayers into water and after the ceremony they put the water into the river to carry the prayers as they paddled together in their wedding clothes to their reception at Seasons. They were also gifted new paddles the day before the wedding that their friend handmade. Tovah's dad talked about her strong spirit, and talked about how she has traveled the world since she was in high school, sleeping on floors, serving others and being fearless in the face of danger. Tovah's strong spirit was perfectly complimented by Frankie's laughter and jovial attitude. I laughed as the two of them danced in bee costumes together at their recpetion recalling that blind melon video where the lone bee girl finds her whole bee community at the end of the music video. Tovah's sweetness and strength and Frankie's respect for her and all that is sacred and wild make them a beautiful pair. I am filled with emotion just thinking about them on the river together 40 years from now, letting the water move them and finding their soul still reflected in the other and the prayers of their loved ones carrying them.  

Congratulations Frankie & Tovah I don't have the words for how much your wedding meant to me on a spiritual and personal level, I am just so grateful that you chose me to witness it. 

Alicia Diamond