Goals for 2017

My goal for 2107 for Rabbit Hearted Girls is for me to be able to grow with my girls, to work together and to come up with more ways to showcase our talent. The biggest goal I have for this year is to go to Haiti and teach photography to kids. I want to make artwork through my photos, as well as see the pictures they will create. I want to create a book to show the world how the kids see the beauty of Haiti. Most importantly I want to better myself at my photography and make mistakes in order to grow. I am focused on bringing more business to our Rabbit Hearted Girls and getting to work with some amazing women.
- Jules


I struggle with oversharing in the spirit of art & honesty while towing the line of marketable content creation. I became a photographer because I was a visual person who was obsessed with storytelling and documenting life. Along the way I have learned how to be an entrepreneur out of necessity. This is our second year of business as Rabbit Hearted Girls and this is Jules' first year or learning wedding photography. This is my 12th year of considering myself a photographer. 

In a succinct bullet form list here are my goals
for Rabbit Hearted Girls for 2017

  •   To create a service based experience not just a business. I have never been a saleswoman in fact most of the time even talking about money with clients makes me feel anxious because I know how hard people work to earn a living. However, I am confident that my gift lies in creating experiences where people can be seen & heard. I want to amplify this more in 2017, rather than focusing on creating a brand for everyone, I want to focus on the twenty or thirty couples who will share their love story & wedding day with me. We are not a one-size-fits-all business we are creating an experience that celebrates love and humanity and we do that by being present and listening. 
  • I want to travel more. I have passionately persued traveling this year as a way of connecting to people who I would have otherwise never met. Currently I am in Colorado and I am living out of a suitcase that I packed in August. I have been layering all of my fall clothes to stay warm this winter until I can return to my wardrobe.  Joni, a photographer and friend of mine created a challenge on Instagram, she wants to photograph 50 weddings in 50 states and I was completely inspired by her #50states50weddings goal. I am so passionate about traveling that if you come to Indie Wed Chicago this year we will be handing out postcards for free travel included in your wedding photography package if you book your wedding with us before March 31st 2017.
    I want to see the places you love and I want to be there to witness your love story. 
  • I want to go to Haiti with 100cameras and teach photography at The Destiny Boys Home. This feels incredibly vulnerable to put out into the world right now because I am currently in the process of being interviewed by 100cameras about being a snapshot program leader along with Jules, Ismarie and Ismania and we could fail. We are unsure of the future but the possibility of making this project a reality is overwhelming with Joy.  The reason we love 100cameras and their program is because all print sales are directly given back to the photographers and in this case that would be the community of Destiny in Canaan, Haiti.  So in other words, 100% of the proceeds from print sales would go to Destiny Boys Home. Hopefully we will have more to say about this in the future. 
    - Alicia