Jeff & Maureen: Engagement


Jeff and Maureen are my people. Jeff remembers when Maureen came home from Florida when they were in a long distance point of their relationship to visit at Christmas time and gave him a rose quartz heart because she wanted to say I love you but was too afraid.

Jeff had his turn at using rocks to express his love. Jeff had been locking the door to his jewelry studio, devoted to fashioning an engagement ring for months. Maureen thought nothing of it, she just thought he was being an artist and didn’t question anything. Jeff planned a big weekend with a bunch of friends in Michigan and took Maureen on a walk on the beach early in the morning before everyone got up. Maureen had no idea when asked her to marry him with a ring he had made her.

I can’t wait to meet these two at the Frank Lloyd Wright church they have chosen to get married in, in October. As always, I will be sure to share the photos with you all :)

Alicia Diamond