Joshua Tree

In 1936 wealthy socialite, Minerva Hoyt took notice
knew her cactus garden was

She talked to the president
personally recommended he signed the paperwork
After that America owned it.
This land was taken for you and me.

Subsequently the 3 Ryan brothers
lost the farm.
It was their home
It’s a national park now.

2016 Mrs. Hoyts cactus preservation  
saved me from my cellphone reception
found myself at the foot of Mnt. Ryan
& I Knew it to be worth seeking
Felt undaunted by distance, height
or heat.

The desert, where surviving is an art
I grew respect for tenacity
bravado preserving fragility
I slept with foxes and the desert dogs
overjoyed with just existing.

Heard my heartbeat in the silence
underneath 200 billion stars
the Joshua Trees told stories
that spanned 4 billion years. 





Alicia Diamond