Jules: To My 10 Year Old Self

Dear Younger Self,

I’m going to start by saying I’m very proud of the person you have become. I know life has been like a roller coaster but you are making it through one day at a time. I’m writing you this letter fully knowing that you’re going to think everything I’m about to tell you is crazy but it happened. On January 12, 2010 you will survive an earthquake. Girl you could have died at any minute but God had other plans for you. That same month God will take you out of Haiti along with both of your cousins Ismania and Ismarie. They will go through it all with you, they have always been your backbone and you guys will fight like crazy but the bond between you is so amazing so don’t ever lose it.

Life won’t be easy after you move to the states with your first new family, You will have good times in the beginning but as time goes on things being to fall apart to the point that you won’t think you are loved.

You will get to the point where they will want to send you back to Haiti but you will find the Diamonds. They take you in and give you another chance, a life. You will find out about the Diamond’s a couple weeks before you have to go to Chicago for good. I’m going to be honest that is one of the best days of that summer, after getting out from and unstable situation.

You will officially meet the Diamonds on June 14, 2012 and it will be awesome! You’ll get to meet new friends and family. I always find it crazy how quickly you felt a part of the family. You have two amazing parent who love the hell of you and Alicia, OMG that’s going to be your best friend. You will love her to death. I will do anything for her. Alicia will be one of your biggest role models even if she is a little crazy, but that’s the reason I love her. You will be a high school graduate and work to start a business with Alicia.

Jules Diamond you will be killing the game.

 God has blessed you so much, and in so many ways, he gives this life because he knew you are strong enough to handle it. Girlfriend keep your head up it’s only getting better.


                                                                        Yours truly

                                                                                          Jules Diamond  




Alicia Diamond