Perry & Kenny: Iceland Wedding

But there’s nothing that
Can keep me from loving you
Not fire
No, not ice
— Ben Harper

Perry and Kenny literally stopped traffic in Iceland when a milk man stopped his milk truck in the middle of the road to get out and watch their first look. If you ask any of their close friends who came from far and wide to see them say their vows on the Black Sands Beach they’ll tell you their love is unforgettable. That even when they aren’t in wedding attire their love catches yours attention. I have been going back and forth with wanting to say a lot of things in this space to document the facts but also wanting to let the photos and the moments speak for themselves. 

Besides, its difficult to put into words how Kenny looks adoringly at Perry from across the room. How Perry’s humor and beauty radiates in the way that she carries herself with grace and strength. Their wedding was beautiful with the Icelandic landscape as the backdrop but what was truly moving and overwhelming was their love shown in the depth of their vows and commitment to each other. How they support each other and adore each other for who they are and that is what I hope you see most in these photos. 


Perry & Kenny, I have never been more honored to be a witness two people crazy in love. Your union is powerful and I hope at your 50th wedding Anniversary you both still look at each other with the same adoration and that we can all meet in Iceland again to remember this incredible, cosmic day. 

Alicia Diamond