Queera Wang Unveiling

Wear the outfit you want to see in the world. 
— Curtis Cassell

Queera Wang blends the two spectrums of traditional binary wedding formal wear. 

Starting with a white button up shirt, Curtis designed three shirts for Alicia to photograph on six models. Curtis sewed for over 24 consecutive hours and continued sewing even as the models were stepping into each look.  
I love how the same dress can look completely different on another person! 
The models were all selected deliberately for their embodiment of transcendent gender. Each model wore their piece with their own interpretation and really breathed a whole new life into the clothing.

Please Enjoy the Unveiling of Curtis Cassell's #QueeraWang

Curtis says he was inspired by the history of the white button up shirt. 

"The classic white dress shirt is familiar and omnipresent in men’s fashion. As a result, we tend to be unaware that for more than 200 years this singular item of apparel, which is essentially unadulterated in form from the late 19th century, has been able to define and represent status, wealth and fashion norms. The pure white colour of the cloth fulfilled masculine ideals of resolute austerity and only a person of substantial prosperity could afford to have their shirts washed frequently and to own enough of them to wear." 

-The story of the Mens White Button Up. 

Curtis had the desire to reclaim the white button up for equality. The shirts are constructed like traditional button up shirts, but the typical pattern pieces were re-shaped.

Many, many thanks to our makeup artist, Errin Austin and each model who shared their unique light with us: Katelyn Partee,  Sojourner Zenobia , Jennifer K. Rivera, Jacob Anthony Turcaz, Jojo Brown and Kiam Marcelo Junio

Alicia Diamond