Send us to Haiti with 100Cameras.

If you have found yourself here

reading this



We wouldn't be here, following our dreams without all the help from people who noticed our vision.
We started Rabbit Hearted Girls to celebrate love & sisterhood and we had no idea how incredible the journey would be. Alicia got a degree in photography and had been photographing weddings for nearly 10 years when Jules asked to assist her at Nate & Stefanie’s wedding and the rest as they say is history. This summer we are going into our third wedding season. For the past two years we have had a dream of bringing cameras to Destiny in Canaan, Haiti to teach a free photography class for Haiti Street Kids

We recently partnered with 100Cameras to make that dream a reality. We love 100Cameras because by teaching kids to share their perspectives through photography and then turning their stories into sellable products, students are empowered to learn that they can make a difference in their communities and that their stories are powerful and important.

but here is the thing,

We can't do this without you.

I know there are so many incredible causes that need funding and so many worthy campaigns creating a needed change in the world and it feels selfish and humbling to ask for help but it’s the only way this will work.

The good news is we need cameras more than money.

Our GoFundMe says we need $8,000 but the majority of that is to cover the cost of cameras. If you believe in the power of sharing your story and you trust our vision and want to get involved
Here are some ways you can help without money:


1.     Light a candle, say a prayer, tell Jesus or a friend what you like about what we're trying to do and what you hope happens with our intention.

2.     Share our campaign – if you aren’t in a position to give a donation, trust us we understand but sometimes your interest in our project can point someone else in our direction who is in a position to help somehow.

3.     Give us your old cameras & gear – This will actually help the most right now. We are looking for some camera bodies, spare lenses, travel gear and your old point and shoots. I am going to be reaching out to friends and organizations in the photo industry in the coming weeks but if you have gear you can part with Please, Please, Please send it our way. We truly need cameras more than money.

4.     If I have ever photographed you for any reason please leave a review. Our projects are funded soley by our Rabbit Hearted Girls clients and they are the wind beneath our wings, if you haven’t written us a review, please do. we get more clients who connect with us when people know you are happy with our work. If you could take a minute to leave us a review you may help convince someone else to invest in our work because of your experience with us.
we are on The Knot, Wedding Wire & Facebook 

5. Attend our upcoming fundraiser hosted by our good friends at Sue Regis Glass Art on Sunday, August 13th in Joliet, Il. 

As time goes on we will keep you updated with this project as it unfolds and we can't thank you enough for your presence in our lives and for noticing our rabbit hearts. 

Jules & Alicia
Rabbit Hearted Girls 


Gift us Cameras

To send us your old equipment start by sending us an email at for an address or visit our Amazon Wish list.


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Send us a message telling us why you want to volunteer and we will contact you shortly. Preference is given to those who can speak creole.
Alicia Diamond