Sunday Poetry

As I have revisited my journals I have noticed correlations between what I thought I meant when I wrote in them and how time allows you to look back at your words with a different perspective. 

One poem I wrote in this leather journal, which is the first journal of the 7 was called "Eve." A few years later on my first trip to Salida I picked up a chapbook by a local poet titled "Bad Eve" and I loved the similarities in the concept. 

This year I bought my first fur coat at a thrift store in Brooklyn for $20 and I loved how Eve's meaning changed a little bit more for me.

Jules photographed me this week because I needed new headshots and I felt like "Eve" the poem revisited me again. 



You took pity
gave me a rib
What a big strong
Protagonist you
must be
getting off
on completing me.

The secrets out
I’ve been wearing my own heart
like a fur coat
as if you gave it to me

autonomy is the new romance
step right up ladies and gents
Come & see

Here are my hands
Here are my knees

you can leave Chernobyl
on my body
I will still re-grow
everything that I need